wrap services: Vehicle, Bus, Van & Truck WRAPS

wrap services: Vehicle, Bus, Van & Truck Wraps

MSC Branding, Vehicle Wraps, and Fleet Graphics Solutions


With more than 10 years of experience with Car Wrap in Boston, we offer graphic solutions to transform your bus, van, truck, or fleet into one of the most effective branding tools you can own!

MSC Branding, Vehicle Wraps, and Fleet Graphics Solutions is a Boston based vehicle wrapping service provider.  We can help brand your company vehicles with full color digital printed vinyl wraps that are cost effective and versatile.


What better way to stand out on the road than becoming a moving billboard. If you own a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, buses, etc you can easily get that bigger brand remembrance advantage.


Products and services will be exposed to millions of people, promote commerce, and instill your brand in the minds of a growing number of people.

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Bus and Van Wraps

Fleet Graphic



Looking for a new and creative way to advertise your team, brand or product? The answer could be MSC. Give us a call and we’ll help you design the wrap that is ideal for your needs, manufacturing it quickly using the highest quality materials, so it can be installed on your fleet in no time. Our experienced team will also provide onboarding and maintenance sessions on how to care of your wrap so it looks its best each day. 

We help you with every aspect, from design to manufacturing. We deal with fleet sizes as small as 1 bus and up… And no matter where your fleet is located, we can complete the design in your facility!

Wrap Installation

Best graphic design and vinyl graphics in the market

High quality

More than ten years of experience

It doesn’t matter the size of the vehicle; we always accept every challenge

Fast vehicle wrap installation

We achieve the design and installation of incredible graphics for your fleet that communicates your brand’s message to increase your sales by taking advantage of the city’s opportunities. Every single design is created and manufactured with the highest quality materials. Our fleet graphics are designed to last and to protect your vehicles from road wear.

Guide your visitors from the parking area, lobby, elevators, corridors, paths and open spaces, ensuring that everyone knows where they are and how to reach their destination.

Signage and displays for your company are an opportunity to make a lasting impression and stay on the top of the mind of your customers.