Illuminated signs and branding


Advantages of logos or illuminated signs

  • Attract potential customers
  • promote products or services
  • Always capture the attention of traffic as a Marketing strategy
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Generates positive feelings
  • Create brand recall among others.

it is totally valid to affirm that, by having illuminated signs or logos, will make it visible active all the time, capturing the attention of the people, which brings about an optimization of the advertising impact and, therefore, greater profitability and influx of customers and potential customers.

Illuminated signs are a great Marketing strategy

Talking about the complement or ideal ally of the illuminated signs, and is that using lights in the logos, signs or notices are designed and thought exclusively to attract the attention of everyone.

A real and plain example of this are the large corners that have made famous Times Square in New York City, where the lights of large brands adorn their logos and names, attracting the attention of thousands of tourists and native to this place, thus leaving everything they can see on their retinas.

Sign Design

Regarding the design of the logos, it should be understood that they should not be loaded since the idea is that they transmit the above listed in an acronym, symbol, object, shape, color among others, without much effort, here without a doubt «less it is more ”, since the idea is to be concrete and direct, being aware that the logo, as previously mentioned, is the visible face of what is done within companies.

The idea of ​​telling a well-dated story cannot be abandoned, so the mental and creative effort must be raised to the maximum power at the time of the creation of the design.

The idea of ​​signage is that the message they transmit at all times is clear and direct, without neglecting the values ​​of the brand or company they represent

Types of logos and signs

  • Logo: It is composed of typography (commercial name), for example, Google, no symbols or images are used
  • Monograms: They are made up of two or more letters, which can form a symbol or image, allowing quick and clear identification of the company or brand it represents, such as the case of HBO
  • Isotype or symbol: it is the image or the characteristic symbol that represents a brand, in which the name of the company is not included, for example, Nike
  • Imagotype: They are composed of using typography in conjunction with an image and/or symbol, such as the case of McDonald’s
  • Isologo: It is a combination of typography with image and/or symbol, but it depends on each other since when they are separated, they stop working, as is the case with Burger King

Regardless of the decision that is made, it must be borne in mind that what is sought with a logo is to generate remembrance in customers or potential customers, create a brand, reveal what it is made of, and define an identity.

And it is that the commercial field is absolutely visual, and that is precisely the function of signs since they without much effort transmit everything with a simple glance.

Signs convey so strong that they can achieve positive or negative feelings, evoke memories, cravings, desires, and even longings.

For this reason, signs must always be well thought out, structured, and projected, since they are indisputably the visible face of a company, the presentation letter of a brand, the seal that remains engraved on the retina of consumers and managers in much of generating brand awareness, since in many opportunities the simple fact of seeing a color recalls a certain brand or company, without the need for anything else.

In addition to this, the logos give companies an identity and a distinction that makes them unique compared to others, given that in the commercial world there is an indeterminate number of brands and/or companies that are dedicated to the same commercial object, but it is precisely your logo that highlights them and differentiates them in their environment.

Now, the idea of ​​signage is that the message they transmit at all times is clear and direct, without neglecting the values ​​of the brand or company they represent, in other words, it means that signage must always tell a story that determines the purpose for which the brand or company exists.

And is not a secret that for about 10 years, societies have been transformed or have migrated to organic, today the history, the reality, the sensations, the skin of real men and women who have the same needs as consumers weigh more.

Therefore, the idea is that the connection between the brand and its consumers and potential consumers is real and that it persists or lasts over time, promoting the idea of ​​flexibility and versatility since that is the consciousness of the current consumer.

What is new and new that generates a positive and well-being experience will always be of great appeal.

Signage and displays for your company are an opportunity to make a lasting impression and stay on the top of the mind of your customers.

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